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Accept, Except

Advice, Advise

Affect, Effect

All about lettuce: How did this vegetable get in here?

A Lot, Alot

Already, All ready; Altogether, All together

Any more, anymore

Are, Our

Assume, Presume

A While, Awhile

Band, Banned (Homophones)

Because, Cause

Between, Among

Brake, Break (Homophones)

Breath, Breathe

Bring or Take?

Broke, Broken

Choose, Chose

Complement, Compliment (Homophones)

Contribute, Attribute

Decent, Dissent, Descent

Definitely, Defiantly

Device, Devise

Discreet, Discrete (Homophones)

Done or Finished?

Each, Every

Each Other or One Another?

Famous, Notorious, Infamous

Farther, Further

Flaunt, Flout

Forward, Foreword (Homophones)

Fun, Funner, Funnest, Funs, Funning, Funned

Gist, Jest, Gest

Guestimate, Guesstimate

Hear, Here (Homophones)

Historic, Historical

Its, It’s, and the Apostrophe

Later, Latter

Lightning, Lightening

Lose, Loose

Me, Myself and I

Mischievous, Mischievious

Past, Passed (Homophones)

Peace, Piece (Homophones)

Pour, Pore (Homophones)

Principal, Principle (Homophones)

Probably, Probaly

Quite, Quiet (Homophones? No)

R: Words with R

Right, Rite, Wright, Write (Homophones)

Separate, Seperate

Sew, Sow

Sight, Site, Cite (Homophones)

Sometime, Some time; Anytime, Any time

Stationary, Stationery

Suprise, Surprise

Take or Bring?

Tenet, Tenant

Then or Than?

There, Their, They’re (Homophones)

This and That; These and Those

Throw, Threw (Through, Thru, Thorough, Thrown, Throne)

To, Too, Two (Homophones)

Toward or Towards?

Waist, Waste

Wander, Wonder

Wary, Weary

Where, Were, We’re, Wear, Ware, Weir, Whir

Who, Whom

Who’s Whose

Would, Could

Wreak, Reek, Wreck

Your, You’re