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If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”   ~ Thomas Alva Edison (1847–1931) American inventor

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Wake up America! Wake up World! What happened to the Republic?

The Individual, his freedom and victory

Self Help

Alphabet: The English Alphabet I: Basics, Vowels & Consonants

Alphabet: The English Alphabet II: Digraphs & Pronunciation

Exam Preparation I. Strategy

Exam Preparation II. Goal Chart

Graphic Organizers I

Graphic Organizers II

Handwriting I

Handwriting II

How to Be You

Improve Your English Writing Skills I. Reading & Listening

Improve Your English Writing Skills II. Building Vocabulary & Using a Dictionary

Improve Your English Writing Skills III. Speaking & Writing

Improve Your English Writing Skills IV. Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Daily Practice

Learning English as a Foreign Language: Don’t Translate I

Learning English as a Foreign Language: Don’t Translate II

Logic I: The Crisis and the Crossroad in Education

Logic II: Destroy Logic and Lose Individual Freedom and Power

Logic III: The Loud World of ad hominem Attacks

Logic IV: How to Introduce Logic and Improve Mush-minds

Logic V: Logic and Illogic in Education

Logic VI: Three Substitutes for Logic

Logic VII: Logic and Imagination: The Two Foundations of a True Education

Logic VIII: How Logic Opens up a New World for You

Logic IX: Logic & Analysis: An Open Letter to Home Schoolers

Logic X: Logic and non-Logic in Education

Logic XI: FAQ on Rappoport Logic & Analysis Course

Return to School I: Generation Z and the Failure of Education

Return to School II: Jails Called Schools

Return to School III: School is Boring: Teach Yourself

Return to School IV: How to Be a Prepared Student

Return to School V: How to Be a Pioneering Student Outside the Box

Return to School VI: Study Skills 1: Know Yourself

Return to School VII: Study Skills 2: Self-Organization

Return to School VIII: Study Skills 3: How to Learn for Life, Not Exams

Return to School IX: Study Skills 4: How to Review and How to Take Tests

Suppose you write to your child and then remember he can’t read?

The Surrender to Modern Education: Brainwashing

Creating ADHD is the new education

Why I love schools that ban books