Sentence Structure V: Normal Prose

How to Reject a [Grammar] Prison Sentence

by Owen Fourie

Despite what is commonly taught about sentence structure, the teaching that tells you to use a variety of sentences in your writing, there is a better way.

You will find four articles in this blog dealing with simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences. You’ll still find this information useful where such variety is required.

Here is a video that tells you what normal prose is and how much better it is to write normal prose than to be stuck in the bondage of required sentence variety.

In my opinion, this will help you to produce a natural flow in your writing, and it will deliver you from the artificiality of prescribed structures—something I like to call “prison sentences”. What do you think?

For this and other useful videos on English Grammar, click the following link to mrthoth’s channel on You Tube:


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