Advice, Advise

When You Advice Me, Are You Really Giving Me Advise?

by Owen Fourie

Absolutely not!

You can’t advice me, and you certainly cannot give me advise.

Why? Am I too stuck-up and proud?

No. It’s because the words advice and advise are confused in the question.

Let’s get this right.

Advice is a noun

The word advice is a noun. If you tell me what you think I should do about the problem I am having with mice in my kitchen, then you are giving me advice to deal with mice.

If you recall this phrase, “advice about mice,” you will remember the pronunciation of advice—the “ice” part of advice sounds the same as the “ice” part of mice.

Advise is a verb

The word advise is a verb. Now that I have told you about the problem I am having with mice in my kitchen, you advise me to follow your highly successful program for the elimination of rodents.

In this matter, you are an expert with much wisdom. You are wise.

If you recall this saying, “I advise because I am wise,” you will remember the pronunciation of advise—the “ise” part of advise sounds the same as the “ise” part of wise.

Try this bit of advice

Here is a trick to remember which word is the noun and which one is the verb.

Think of the order of the letters in the alphabet:

  • n is before v
  • noun is before verb
  • c is before s
  • advice is before advise
  • noun-advice is before verb-advise

Following your advice, I have been well advised

You advised me as an expert in this matter, and I am glad that I followed your advice. The mice have gone away.

Let’s correct the heading of this article: When you advise me, are you really giving me advice? I must say that you really are, and it is advice that works.

Shh! What was that I heard? That gnawing sound … 🙁


If there are other words like advice and advise that you find confusing, mention them here. Let’s find a way to resolve the problem. Your comments, observations, and questions are welcome.

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