How to Be a Prepared Student: Return to School IV

Returning to School IV

by Owen Fourie

How to Be a Prepared Student

If you are stuck in the education system of your region and you have to play the game for now, rise above the herd by being a prepared student.

While you are in the system and change has not yet come, you can benefit.

Prepare yourself within the system

  • to know it in its shortcomings;
  • to master it;
  • to place yourself in a strategic position to bring changes.

If you are a member of Generation Z (those born in the 1990s and early 2000s), you’ll need to deal with

  • your impatience;
  • your distractions;
  • your boredom with the limitations of third-dimensional thinking—and you can.

You are not lacking in the ability to apply the following strategy to rise within the present system, in order to overcome it.

These tactics are in harmony with the current system, but they will get you further on the way to achieving the changes that are needed in education to benefit Generation Z and future generations.

What is a prepared student?

If you are a prepared student,

you are ready to leave home or dorm in the morning because you have

  • done all assigned homework;
  • checked that all pens, pencils, etc. are in good working order;
  • packed all materials and supplies needed for the day;
  • dressed according to the institution’s dress code. (Don’t waste your time and energy resisting things that excite the bureaucratic, controlling mind. Your individuality is not lost or denied in outward conformity.);

you are, when present in class,

  • resolved to focus on the prescribed subject of any given period;
  • equipped and well-organized to handle the given subject;
  • able to turn in assigned homework;
  • seated, alert, attentive, focused, and always on the same page as the teacher;
  • careful to observe proper decorum with relevance, respect, and responsibility at all times;
  • ready to follow directions;
  • careful to listen and learn before you speak and then to speak only with relevance to the subject;
  • resolved to complete any assignment successfully, without disturbing others;
  • ready to attempt new skills;
  • resolved to learn for life and not for grades;
  • resolved to regard the process of learning as an art to be perfected;
  • careful to produce quality, which will result in good grades;
  • careful to attend to personal needs between periods or lectures;

you go home after you have

  • noted homework, assignments, and deadlines for submission;
  • packed all materials required to complete homework;
  • tidied your desk and discarded trash;

you use whatever time is necessary at home to

  • complete assigned work;
  • review previous and current work;
  • prepare for tests or examinations.
  • Even if you think some of these points are burdensome, try them and see how they will make you feel better about yourself and your circumstances. The change you desire will come more readily when it is motivated by those who have worked within the system and mastered it.

    The prepared student who sees that the education system needs to be changed is also a pioneering student. In the next article, we’ll discuss what it takes to be such a student.


    If you wish to be a prepared student, which of these points would you find the most challenging? Which of these points do you find irksome? Which other points, if any, should be included here? Your comments, observations, and questions are welcome.

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