Eleven Steps to Improve Your English Writing Skills IV. Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, and Daily Practice

IV. Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, and Daily Practice

by Owen Fourie

Steps 7 – 11

In Part Three, Steps 5 and 6 dealt with speaking and writing English.

Step 7: Improve your spelling

As you do your daily writing, you will become more and more aware of the need to spell correctly.

The spelling check in your word processor will alert you if you have misspelled a word, but you cannot be entirely dependent on it. It will not warn you when you have used there for their, or loose for lose, or weight for wait, or allowed for aloud because all those words are correctly spelled but they might not be the correct words to use. Ultimately, you have to know the correct spelling of the right word to use.

If you are writing your journal by hand, you do need to make a point of spelling correctly.

To become a person who is accurate in spelling, you need to do the work. Whenever you are aware of an error in your spelling, do the following:


  • Write the correct word in your vocabulary list.
  • Include the meaning of the word.
  • Write a sentence bringing out its meaning.
  • Use scratch paper to write each word out ten times as you spell it aloud to yourself. In this way, as you see it, hear it, and write it, you are establishing the correct spelling in your memory. Don’t associate this practice with any disciplinary action in a classroom for elementary students. It is an activity that works to improve your spelling.

Step 8: Improve your grammar and your punctuation

As you adopt the preceding steps in your quest to improve your English writing skills, you will know that you must do all that you can to improve your grammar. It is in your writing that your progress in grammar will be noted.

Correct punctuation is essential in your writing, and it is an important aspect of your focus on grammar.

As far as possible, you should arrange to receive formal grammar instruction because it is necessary to know the rules of a language to use it properly.

Apart from such instruction, there is a way to help yourself to learn correct usage and that is by reading a lot of good English literature. In Step 1, we covered this point. Read that step again, and see what should be done.

As you read short stories and novels, you will sometimes come to parts where the grammar is not necessarily correct. This is because the author is using the dialect and the colloquial expressions of some of his characters to bring out the local color. Despite this, the rest of the author’s writing will help you with your grammar.

Constant reading of this sort will get you into the flow of English expression, into its grammar, its punctuation, and its spelling too. It is the basic activity that will improve your speaking and your writing.

Step 9: Follow a daily routine

Step 6 made this quite clear. If you are to improve your English writing skills, it is necessary to follow a daily routine.

The best accomplishments are not necessarily those that have come as a result of a great burst of energy for a short time today and then perhaps again in a month or two from now.

Lasting achievements are born of the daily grind. Doing a little each day at the same convenient and dedicated time will build something that will endure for a lifetime, perhaps an eternity.

This seems to fly in the face of today’s quick-fix, instant-solution lifestyle. We have to understand, though, that there are certain things, such as the mastery of an art and the proper use of a language, that require a lot of patience, diligence, practice, and correction over a long time. Athletes, musicians, and artists know this.

Be clear about your goal, the steps to accomplish it, and the daily requirement to follow those steps.

Do you wish to improve your English writing skills? Choose your special place which will be respected by you and others as the place where you will not be disturbed. Choose the most convenient time of the day for you.

Each day, in that place and at that time, devote yourself to these steps: read, listen, develop your vocabulary, use your dictionary, speak, write, and improve your spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Look closely at this. There are really only four major steps: read, listen, speak, and write. Practice these things daily, and you will help yourself to improve your writing skills.

Step 10: Seek grammar & writing help

There is a lot of help for you in my blog. At the top of this web page, click on the tabs for the contents pages—Essay Writing, Grammar, Words. These pages list all the items that I have posted so far. This is a valuable resource for you. You will find articles that can help you with grammar and writing.

Clicking on the links in those contents pages will take you to the items that can help you.

Study these articles carefully and thoroughly. Read them and refer to them repeatedly, and put the information into practice.

You can ask questions in the comments area on any of the articles there.

On my You Tube Channel, you will find practical instruction in English grammar, writing, and speaking.

Step 11: Find an English writing tutor

Professional writers will tell you

  • that the writing task is never complete;
  • that you should respect your reader by writing correctly;
  • that your most outstanding effort will need improvement;
  • that you should let a wordsmith guide you in your writing.


In four articles, eleven basic steps have been set before you to follow if you wish to improve your English writing skills. Are there other points about these steps that should have been mentioned? Your comments, observations, and questions are welcome.

Here are articles to help you with English words, grammar, and essay writing.

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    • Swaroop on October 10, 2018 at 04:13

    Thanks for the information. Really a helpful post for people who are looking for improving English writing skills.

    • victoria carr on August 11, 2014 at 13:02

    this three question i need help with and writing a 250 sentences on

    1.what aspect of your performance in this class are you proudest of?

    2.what aspect of your writing skill is most in need of improvement?

    3.how can you improve this aspect this aspect of your writing?

    1. Victoria:

      Only you can answer those three questions. It is a self-assessment test. No one else can answer for you.

      The outline of your essay has been given to you as a list of questions.

      Sit down and ask yourself the first question: What aspect (what point) of your performance in this class are you proudest of?

      Make some notes as you think about your performance, your progress, in this class. Is there something that really clicks with you—something that you can really say you are pleased with and proud of? Write it down and then ask yourself why this is so. Give reasons for feeling as you do.

      For the second question, look closely at your writing. You must have some feedback from your teacher—some indication of where you need to improve. List the point that is most in need of your attention.

      For the third question, list the steps you feel you need to take to improve this point in your writing. Here, you could, perhaps, note what progress you are making with these steps.

      Once you have made these notes, you should be able to write your essay.

      Good luck!

    • rugiatu kamara on July 16, 2013 at 07:54

    i am Rugiatu Kamara, i;m a Sierra Leonean by (Africa) i leave in city of Freetown. i want to inprove in my writing/spelling skills in my career as a secretary i;m so weak in my spelling and also write good english

    thanks for helping me

    God Blesses you.

    1. Rugiatu Kamara: Thank you for your comment. I am glad to know that this information is helping you. If you actually do what is described in Steps 1 through 10 in the three preceding articles and this one, you will improve your skills. Good luck!

  1. dear sir
    l admired your idea thank you i think it will help me am so weak at writing and speak although my specialization is english

    1. Namariq Abdo: I am pleased that you think this will help you. It does require consistent action on your part, and it will help. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

    • souert vannak on February 19, 2012 at 22:02

    I am studying English Major at pannastra univertstiy of Cambodia I would to ask some question about the stadard of learning in the United state how could the students in the united states study in order to get successful in their learining ? for go to study in the United states how do I learn for tofel ? what is the best way for get scholarship to study in United stares ?

    1. Souert Vannak: Thank you for your questions. I have sent details to your email address. Please confirm that you have received this information.

  2. dear sir/madam
    it is very helpful of what i have read this particular topic.
    i have read through all your articles and i have benefited.
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    1. Abdulahi: Thanks for the feedback. I am pleased that you are finding this helpful.

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